Swedish Massage: Can be energizing and vigorous or gentle and relaxing, light to medium pressure, appropriate for almost everyone. Good for pain relief, working knots out of the muscles, increasing circulation and mentally reducing stress, to improve mood and movement. Also improves sleep and boosts immune function. This is good preventative medicine!

Hot Stone Massage: medium pressure Swedish massage done with heated basalt rocks, appropriate for everyone,  (barring disease that causes you to have numbness or loss of feeling, we don’t want to hurt you!) This massage has a sedating effect and helps to expand blood vessels, relieving chronic pain and promoting deep relaxation. This is a good massage for people that “cant relax”.

Deep Tissue Massage: This is a corrective, heavy, firm pressure massage, Concentrating on the deep layers of muscle and fascia. Treats chronic back pain, breaks up scar tissue, reduces arthritis pain, improves athletic performance and recovery, reduces anxiety and rehabilitates injured muscles. Lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and can improve quality of life. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PAINFUL. Deep tissue can merely be holding a point for a long time to remove a trigger point. There are many styles of this, and we can find what will be appropriate for your needs!

Prenatal Massage: Swedish massage done side-lying for the comfort of the mother to be.  Can include light stretching.

Ashiatsu: Known as the “Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet,” Ashiatsu is a  profoundly relaxing massage that can be modified for light pressure to very deep. The practitioner balances  on parallel bars above the table and uses gravity to apply pressure.

You use your feet!?

Yes!  No worries though! I clean my feet before and after every massage and I take care to keep my feet smooth and soft.

So…you’re walking on people?…

I actually leave one foot on the massage table for balance and stability, while using the other foot to massage. By shifting my weight from one foot to the other I can easily adjust the amount of pressure to your comfort. Ashiatsu is not a “No Pain, No Gain” massage — your safety and well-being are my top concern.

Should I get an Ashiatsu Massage? 

Are you looking to relax or relieve stress? The slow, flowing strokes of an Ashiatsu massage make for a deeply relaxing experience.

Do you like firm pressure? The foot provides a more comfortable pressure, as opposed to pointy thumbs and elbows. Barefoot massage allows me to provide a deeper pressure than is possible using my hands.

Are you looking to relieve muscles aches and pains? The broad, consistent pressure of Ashiatsu is the perfect match for sore muscles.

Some reasons you should not receive Ashiatsu: