Why choose us?

  • Posted Nov 28 2016
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When you purchase a massage or service from Moxie, you are helping us pay a living wage to our employees! We do not have a receptionist, nor do we do lots of fancy advertising. Our therapists keep half or more of what they earn and that’s how we keep them! Feel good about supporting us, and we will make sure YOU feel good!

Giving the Gift of Moxie

  • Posted Nov 06 2012
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Indulge her this Christmas, with the Moxie Diva Gift Package.

Includes gift certificates for a variety of our clients’ favorite services, including Manicure, Reflexology,  Moxie Rocks®, Moxie Facelift®, & Moxie Backtini®.

Only 299.99


Also Available: Swedish Session Gift Certificates

Only $54.99

Give Mom a Mothers Day Massage!

  • Posted Feb 23 2012
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Want to spoil mom this year with a Mothers Day massage? Take advantage of this limited time offer and save $15 off the price of an hour-long Swedish Massage session. As our prices are lower than our competition, we fill up appointment times fast, and so we can only sell a very limited number of gift certificates at this price.

Mothers Day Massage Gift Certificates Available Now

Now you can pre-order your mom’s Mothers Day massage by clicking on the PayPal button below. Get yours now, and we will mail your gift certificate out by the following business day.

What if I want the Mothers Day Massage to be a Surprise?

On the checkout screen, you can leave special instructions if needed (like if your mother lives with you and you want the envelope to look inconspicuous), or if you want you may call us at 217.788.8299 with any questions. These gift certificates are good for one Swedish Massage session, and my not be applied to any other services like Moxie Rocks, Moxie Backtini, or Moxie Facelift. If you prefer one of these special services instead, you can order those and the Mothers Day Massage gift certificates by clicking here.

Moxie Got a Facelift!

  • Posted Feb 22 2012
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We have just spent a few days updating the website. Inside, you will find a new way to buy gift certificates, leave us reviews on some of the different social review sites, and read descriptions on some of the new services that we offer. Browse around a little, and let us know what you think!