Moxie Facelift ®


A facelift without surgery…

Introducing the Moxie Facelift® Massage… We feel stress in our faces all day as we grimace, frown, squint, furrow our brows, and grit our teeth. The release of muscular tension in the face can free you from tension in the whole body. This honey-lift massage technique is a great stress reducer, and is effective enough to coax tired, sagging muscles back into their original youthful condition.

How does the Moxie Facelift Massage work?

This treatment is a luxurious, non-invasive hour-long experience of pampering, relaxing massage that improves the appearance of the face and neck. This is accomplished through a purposeful stimulating massage of the epidermis and the underlying layers of your skin and soft tissue. Your muscles are stimulated with light massage, special sponges, and brushes, to improve circulation of the blood, eliminating waste, stengthening the immune system, and increasing cellular production… all of which combines for very relaxed, beautiful skin! A significant change in the appearance of your face and neck is visible after your very first treatment!

Healthier Skin, Younger Appearance

While the Moxie Facelift Massage DOES have wonderful aesthetic benefits, it also continually improves the health of the skin with each massage. The Belavi experience can also reduce headaches, nausea, and the sensations of shakiness or weakness. Facial massage is a support system that can help make the surface wrinkles less visible, slow down the formation of new ones, and keep facial muscles from succumbing to our most formidable enemies: gravity and time. There is nothing like the Belavi technique–it is not to be confused with the mechanical treatment at other studios, which use a machine to massage the face. This honeylift massage requires a human touch, to produce a soft, smooth, natural improvement. It’s going to give your face a beautiful and healthy glow. Go ahead – indulge and pamper yourself!

Moxie Facelift Pricing
One Session (60 minutes) – $70
Six Sessions (1/2 up front) – $360 (Save $60)
Twelve Sessions (1/2 up front) – $660 (Save $180)
Twenty-four Sessions (1/2 up front) – $1280 (Save $400)

The Moxie Facelift technique requires the use of special brushes, sterile gauze pads, and honey-lift solution. A single session costs $70. However, you can save a LOT of money by purchasing one of the above multi-session packages. The 24-Session Package can be used at your own pace, but the recommended schedule is once a week. This would mean that the package will take about six months to complete. You will be amazed at the results!